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Catalyst Prayer Movement is a multi-denominational community of passionate believers. 

For years, the Appalachian Mountains have been home to praying people. The mountains are laced with the spirit of prayer. Saints in the mountains have cried out for God to come for decades. He has come.

The theme of Catalyst is Unity among the body, Awakening to the beauty of Jesus, and transformational, community-wide revival.


Catalyst exists to cultivate and sustain an active culture of prayer in the church, region, state, and beyond. We seek to establish His Kingdom and righteousness in every area. We want to walk faithfully with God such as Enoch did. 

David couldn't sleep when he thought about the Lord not having a house. Here he was, King of Israel, sleeping in this beautiful cedar home built for the king while God, King of the Universe, was sleeping in a tent. When he mentioned building God a house, God was taken back! He asked, "Have I ever mentioned I wanted a house?" 

We want to build God a place for Him to dwell. 

People tend to speak harshly concerning Southern West Virginia; nevertheless, just as it was said about Jesus, "Can anything good come from Nazareth?" We respond, "Come and see!"

Catalyst, just as King David, has a deep longing for God to have a place where His Spirit dwells. Just as in the days of Solomon, let local and national influence rise out of the prayer room!


One particular vision from the Lord that keeps the fire of prayer burning in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains is this painting. ​

This prophetic painting was completed by Dusty Smith. Her heart was moved when hearing a vision given to Gary Kisner in the 1990's concerning West Virginia and her destiny and God commissioned her to paint. 

-"West Virginia is a heart, and I have a heart for West Virginia.” And He said, “I’m going to use this state to touch the nation.” It continued to pulsate. And then all of a sudden in the central part of the state, a red dot appeared. It begin to grow and filled the entire state of West Virginia and opened up at the ends and the red begin to pump. Every time there was a beat, it began to do that. It began to move away from me. I could see the map of the United States coming back and… West Virginia took its place again in the map of the United States. The panhandles were starting to pump this red, and it pumped it into the nation, to the east and to the north, and the west, and it spilled over, and it filled the whole country, and the Holy Spirit said, “I want to touch the United States through the state of West Virginia!”-

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